I have suffered from constipation for most of my life, for which I have consulted many doctors. I was prescribed many medications and supplements. It was such a pleasure talking with Marie, who listened very well! After 6 days following her instructions, my symptoms lessened. Now after 3 weeks, I have no more problems!! When I look back into my life, I never felt so happy as I feel right now. It affects not only my mental state but also my joy of eating.

Vera E.

Marie is a true pleasure to work with. She has a holistic approach to health that is a breath of fresh air. In our very first meeting she identified some changes I should make in my diet that have been very helpful. She is encouraging while also patient and understanding. While I already thought of my diet as healthy, there were gaps I was not aware of that may have contributed to some unfortunate symptoms. My symptoms have improved and I can truly say that my diet has changed for the better. 

Carolyn S. 

Marie has been an amazing ally on my journey to better health. We made a breakthrough with 2 weeks of our original contact, regarding my struggle with staying hydrated. Her approach is both organic and structured, and I felt heard in my concerns.

Gina B.

Healthy Food

Marie is well versed in tailoring nutritional best practice with current research within the field. I dearly appreciated her approach, which took my needs into consideration and allowed us to develop a holistic plan for my overall well-being.

Christina P.

Healthy Cooking