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Individual Nutrition Counseling

Your journey will begin with a 60 minute individual nutrition assessment. Your dietitian will review your medical and food histories, symptoms and lifestyle factors. After this appointment, you will receive personalized recommendations, goals and resources, as well as a plan for follow up. Three 30 minute follow up sessions are included in the initial package.

Yoga Add On

Existing clients can add virtual yoga sessions to get the most out of a nutrition plan. A yoga or mindfulness practice has been shown to aid in weight loss and reduce stress and inflammation. However, yoga and be intimidating for new comers. Virtual sessions can provide an approachable, convenient means of starting a practice that can serve you for the rest of your life!

Group Coaching

Group coaching also begins with a one-on-one assessment. In this package, group sessions replace individual follow up sessions. Group session take the form of weekly hour long video meetings. Participants benefit from the support of other going through similar experiences. Group coaching is available in month-long segments. Join for one month or several!

Food Safety and Allergy Training for Food Service Staff

Marie is a Master Trainer with AllerTrain. She has experience training staff in groups ranging from 5 to 120. Marie offers ANSI certified food service training for gluten free and food allergy safe service. Training is available for front line and management level employees.

Speaking Engagements and Workshops

Marie is available to present to a variety of audiences on nutrition-related topics such as plant-based eating, sports nutrition, immune system support and more. With an extensive background in public speaking, Marie would be happy to work with your business, community group, sports team or health care group to create a meaningful and rewarding experience for all participants.

Herbs and Spices

Areas of Expertise

Gastrointestinal Disease

Nutrition interventions have been shown to be effective in treating and improving symptoms for a variety of gastrointestinal diseases, including celiac disease, irritable bowel disease, Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis and constipation.

Food Allergies and Sensitivities

Marie has extensive experience helping food allergic patients optimize the nutritional quality of their diet. Nutritional counseling can also help determine if there are food sensitivities at play.

Functional Nutrition

Functional nutrition, much like functional medicine, takes the entire patient into account during treatment. During assessment we thoroughly review all symptoms, medical, food and mental health histories, in order to address disease or symptoms at their root.

Eating Disorder Treatment

Individual nutrition counseling can help individuals struggling with disordered eating stay in their lives while receiving treatment. Marie will collaborate with a patients doctor and therapist to move eating disorder patient forward on the path to recovery. With experience treating a wide range of clinical presentations, Marie is also comfortable working with patients of all ages.

Sports Nutrition

As a board certified specialist in sport dietetics, Marie can help you improve your performance, speed up recovery and maximize the results of your training.

Hormone Balance

Through a thorough medical history and review of lab results, Marie can help women understand whether nutrition and lifestyle interventions and/or supplements can improve hormone levels and endocrine function.


Marie is a true pleasure to work with. She has a holistic approach to health that is a breath of fresh air. In our very first meeting she identified some changes I should make in my diet that have been very helpful. She is encouraging while also patient and understanding. While I already thought of my diet as healthy, there were gaps I was not aware of that may have contributed to some unfortunate symptoms. My symptoms have improved and I can truly say that my diet has changed for the better. 

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