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Nutrition Counseling

Your journey will begin with a 60 minute individual nutrition assessment. Your dietitian will review your medical and food histories, symptoms and lifestyle factors. After this appointment, you will receive personalized recommendations, goals and resources, as well as a plan for follow up. Three 30 minute follow up sessions are included in the initial package.

Food Service Consulting

Marie will bring her expertise in the food service industry to your team. Marie's specialized course in dietetics for food service leaders is designed to equip management professionals with the confidence when it comes to nutrition-related aspects of their roles. 

Marie is also available to consult on menu development, event planning, etc.

Herbs and Spices

Areas of Expertise

Food Service

With more than a decade of experience in the food service industry, Marie is able to address the specific needs of this field through specialized trainings, events and courses. Marie always stays up to date on both consumer trends and regulatory changes. 

Gut Health

The balance of bacteria in your gut impact more than just your gut. Many symptoms can indicate a gut imbalance, including: low energy and poor mood, joint pain, skin issues, sleep disruptions, auto-immune disorders, hormone deficiencies and thyroid dysfuntion, and more. Targeted nutrition counseling can help correct the underlying imbalance and set you on track to better health. 

Functional Nutrition

Functional nutrition, much like functional medicine, takes the entire patient into account during treatment. During assessment, we thoroughly review medical, food and mental health histories in addition to symptoms and lifestyle factors, in order to address imbalances at their root.

Sports Nutrition

As a board certified specialist in sport dietetics, Marie can help athletes improve performance, speed up recovery and maximize the results of training. Marie works with individual athletes to address specific needs, and with teams to support a culture of healthy eating.

Speaking and Events

Marie is available to present to a variety of audiences on nutrition-related topics such as plant-based eating, sports nutrition, immune system support and more. With an extensive background in public speaking, Marie will work with your business, community group, sports team or health care group to create a meaningful and rewarding experience for all participants.


No more problems

I have suffered from constipation for most of my life, for which I have consulted many doctors. I was prescribed many medications and supplements. It was such a pleasure talking with Marie, who listened very well! After 6 days following her instructions, my symptoms lessened. Now after 3 weeks, I have no more problems!! When I look back into my life, I never felt so happy as I feel right now...It affects no only my mental state but also my joy of eating.

Symptoms have improved

Marie is a true pleasure to work with. She has a holistic approach to health that is a breath of fresh air. In our very first meeting she identified some changes I should make in my diet that have been very helpful. She is encouraging while also patient and understanding. While I already thought of my diet as healthy, there were gaps I was not aware of that may have contributed to some unfortunate symptoms. My symptoms have improved and I can truly say that my diet has changed for the better. 

Tailored approach

Marie is well versed in tailoring nutritional best practice with current research within the field. I dearly appreciated her approach, which took my needs into consideration and allowed us to develop a holistic plan for my overall well-being.